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How To Create A Successful Sales Page For Your Online Course

To sell your online course, the first thing you should do is create an attractive sales page.

This page will be responsible for captivating the visitor and keeping him interested long enough for you to convince him why he should invest in your course.

sales page

What is a Sales Page

A sales page is one that presents your course, persuading visitors of your value.

To achieve this, it must contain information that describes your course, shows its advantages and leads the visitor to act.

Depending on your purpose, you may choose to create a different sales page, such as:

  • Lead Generation Page: The most common type used for B2B marketing, known as lead gen or lead capture page. These pages use CTAs to collect lead data, such as name, phone number, and email address.
  • Click-through Sales Page: Sales page that has a simple call-to-action button for the purchase of the product.


(Left: Lead Generation Page, Right: Click-through Landing Page)

Image source: Unbounce

Creating a Sales Page

Create a sales page requires two things: text (copywriting) and design.

To write the perfect sales text, you need to know your target audience, understand what they want and convince them that you have the solution they are looking for.

Copywriting Tips

Before you start copywriting about your online course, answer the three questions below:

Who is this course for?

Answering this question will force you to think about your “buyer persona,” that is, who your client is.

Know what your personas are looking for and attract leads

To define the profile of your target audience, you should try to discover information such as demographics, consumption habits, wishes and behaviors that can help you create a fictional character that represents your audience.

That being done, the next step is to ask yourself the following:

  • How do I find / approach my target audience?
  • Would this page make sense to my audience?
  • Would someone buy my course?
  • If yes, how much are they willing / able to pay?

After answering these questions, go back to the persona you created and see it as a real person (giving a name can help).

For example, “John” or “Mary” would understand that page and buy my course? If the answer is yes, then you are going the right way, if it is a no, then you will have to rethink how to talk to them.

How this course helps my audience?

Think about the kind of solution that you intend to provide to your customers.

By creating a sales page, the more details you give about your course, the easier it is for visitors understand what kind of service you are offering.

At this point, it is important to clearly point out the results that your course can help your audience achieve. For example: when you take this course you will learn how to prepare salty sauces.

Your marketing message should make sense to the visitor and you need to answer why it is important to take your online course.

To create the page design, in case you can not hire a web design right away, there are several softwares on the internet that offer ready templates.

By using to host your course, you have a ready layout and can also customize it with your logo, colors, images and your own address.


In addition, you can create a compelling title, insert video presentation and customer testimonials to strengthen your authority.

Elements of a Successful Sales Page

When creating a sales page, you need to take some factors into account to ensure that no visitors leave your page before discovering more about what your course has to offer.

You need to attract the attention of the visitor right at the first look, through a text and design that have clarity and balance.

It is necessary to inspire credibility and create a sense of continuity, encouraging people to keep coming back.

For best results, consider using the following elements when creating a sales page:

Brief and focused headline

A good sales page should have a header with large bold text that gives visitors an idea of ​​what they will find on the page.

To create an online course sales page, using only the course title may not be enough.

A better approach would be to briefly inform the benefits that the potential student will receive upon joining the course.

An attractive headline should predispose the reader positively based on his needs and desires as well as promise him an intriguing result if he stay and read what comes next.

It is important that the call tells the visitor immediately where he is and what he is getting in return. For example:

“Learn how to code in 3 weeks”

“How to create an online course in 5 steps”

“Practical yoga classes for beginners”

Action words and phrases

When accessing your sales page, the visitor must be involved and attracted to your course proposal.

Your best friends on such occasions are words and action phrases that motivate and prompt the user to learn what you have to teach.

Words like “discover” and “explore” make the potential student feel part of the e-learning experience you are offering, while words like “learn”, “do”, “improve” and “begin” motivate him to take action.

– How to Define Keywords

Social proof with testimonials

Since what you are selling has digital format, you need to provide evidence that it you are an authority in your area of ​​expertise.

For this, whenever a customer speaks positively about your courses, you should add that comment on your sales page.


These testimonials can come from anywhere, such as emails, tweets, posts or comments on Instagram, blog comments, etc.

Tips to get more reviews for your course

Testimonials and student citations are a powerful marketing tool and have a proven record of success in the market.

These testimonials can help you strengthen your personal brand and build your credibility in the online world.

Engaging media

Images are processed in our minds faster than text.

Because of this, any visual cues that direct visitors to the buttons and images of CTA can take them directly to your sales funnel.

Beautiful graphics, infographics, or any other kind of persuasive media that shows insight into the results your online courses have achieved can offer immense power to your sales page.

In addition, CTA color-contrast buttons and a 100% money-back guarantee can work wonders.

Complementing your sales page with this type of media can enhance and empower your message.


Inserting a short video (1 to 2 minutes) that explains who you are and what you do when creating a sales page has a greater impact.

7 tips for speaking well on videos

Any simple video presentation, or with testimonials from those who have already taken your course, or with “behind the scenes” images, helps to provide a good view of your course and explains to people what it is about.

See some of the different types of videos that you can use to sell your course:

  • Presentation: help students see and hear you and thus experience a deeper connection through the message on video. In this video you can talk about yourself, your history, your training and experience.
  • News and Reviews: Share up-to-date information, expressing your opinion on the industry news.
  • Testimonials: Have some old students do a video explaining how they benefited from your course.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: This type of video may include cut scenes of possible errors in the recording process, or moments in the creation process, etc. This contributes to giving a lighter mood and a more personal feel to your sales page, making it more user-friendly.

–  Learn how to record videos at home


Put together all these elements with a simple and elegant design, and you will create a successful sales page.

Include easy-to-use drop-down menus and lead capture forms that allow visitors to leave their names and email addresses to receive more news about the course.

Put the important information first. Users tend to focus on what they see first on a page.

In that sense, your best chance is to put all the important data about your course at the top of the page so that everyone can see it immediately upon loading.

How to create professional presentations

Create a sales page to sell online courses

With all this information, you are ready to create an attractive sales page with high conversion potential.

How to sell online courses

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