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Learn how to improve your blog and quit ahead of competitors

Every day the battle for the costumer attention increases. The traditional marketing loses space for the digital marketing, faster, focused and cheaper and the brands increase their online interaction by opening space on their web sites to blog and social networks.

The focus is content creation. Offer the consumer information of their interest, attract and keep the audience creating a channel of conversion. Having a blog, therefore, is no longer an extra, but a rule.

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4 tools to optimize your blog

A corporate blog needs to maintain good communication with the audience, presenting relevant information, linked to its area of operation, but without becoming something tedious and repetitive. Its main objective is to expand the scope of the company, creating interesting content that reaches the right screens.

And to transform this channel in an advantage over your competitors, some tools can be decisive. With the right resources, no matter the experience or the size of your company, you can still get out in front. Check out the four tools that can make all the difference.


The SEMrush is a platform with over 500,000 users that analyzes keywords and SEM strategies.

What it does:

  • Calculates what are the keywords more used by your competitors, which is great for help you define your keywords and consequently improve SEO of your blog.
  • Analyzes the ascending and descending slopes of your domain and the domain of your opponents in the results of Google and Bing to the required keywords.
  • Examines information on companies that are contending space with you by paid advertising, helping to format your campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
  • In the same way as the organic results, the tool also offers the main keywords used by your competitors, between the periods determined, in addition to informing the budget used by them and the result that they are getting.
  • The platform still has features of geographical origin of their external backlinks – the entries that direct to your site and help in your Google ranking; planning of video campaigns and a search tool and keyword suggestions very useful for your blog.

There is a free trial version and three planes paid – it is possible to perform the monthly payment through credit card or PayPal.


BuzzSumo is a monitoring tool of keywords and domains, links and social shares. It provides links of a website or on any specific keyword that were more shared in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, at different periods of time.

What it does:

  • Able to identify which users’ influencers content – those who cause greater impact and increase the total range when they share certain link.
  • Responds to various questions relevant to the content creation for your blog and other online channels: what are the links more shared currently that are related with the keyword X? What are the articles of my opponents that are more shared and that have the greatest impact on the public?
  • Delivery the result of links by order of greater number of shares until the lower. For each page, you may see the backlinks, the number of shares by social network and the main public shares.
  • Confirms what the terms more relevant to a particular industry, what are the themes related and language of the articles that make the best fit to the public that your blog seeks to achieve.

The search on BuzzSumo is limited to free users.

To get full access of results, in addition to data on influencers and other resources, you must paid. You can test a professional plan for 14 days.

Moz Extension

It is an extension to the Google Chrome or Firefox that informs the sharing and SEO metrics for each domain, in addition to informing about why the position of each result of Google searches in real time.

What it does:

  • Each page you visit, you can see the main information relevant to the Google algorithm, as metrics of linking and social shares.
  • Makes an automatic calculation on the authority level of page visited, which is quite useful for your blog and SEO.
  • In Google searches, the Moz inserts a range below each result, also showing key metrics that justify the position of the link.
  • The key-words of all your Google searches will be accompanied by an indicator of the “difficulty” of the word, i.e., the level of competition with other results.

There is a free version of the extension, however it is possible to buy a paid, which provides data on the structure of each page and analyzes of key words.

Keyword Planner – Google Adwords

A tool that is part of Google Adwords and uses of knowledge of own Google to offer information on keywords.

What it does:

  • Able to predict how much conversion a keyword can bring to your announcement and article of blog or which the keywords with the best cost-benefit for the investment in advertising for your business.
  • Have three main functions: search for new keywords, forecasts and estimates of traffic for keywords, and test of volume and growth for your word list.
  • Based on information about your business/product to inform the main terms, with their respective information: the number of searches made with the word monthly; competition, how many people are using that term in campaigns for AdWords; graphic that shows the volume of researches with that word in the last year.

The Adwords is a tool of campaigns and collects the invoice for each ad. If your company is already inserted in this platform, it is possible to use the Keyword Planner freely and in addition to better plan your ads, optimize the SEO of your blog.

Create a blog is rule for anyone who wants to disclose their online course. Optimize your blog, conquer your audience and ensure that they have access to your course on a platform that is secure and simple to access as the Coursify. Please contact us by e-mail and know more about how we can help you.