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How to sell online courses with video marketing

Sell online courses is, like any other product, work that requires a marketing strategy and promoting actions with a focus on your target audience.  

We talked here about why use videos in your online marketing strategy (video marketing), but if you are still in doubt about the effectiveness of this communication tool, think for a moment about this: how many videos you watch on a daily basis?

sell online courses with video marketing

5 ways to sell online courses using videos

Sell online courses using videos? Yes! Why? Well, to start the YouTube, one of the most beloved channels by the public, is owned by Google, the almighty of online life.

For this reason, you can watch videos in all places of the web pages that you visit. Google indexes and ranks videos in the same way that web pages, what  means that if you don’t use video you’re missing an opportunity to get noticed in Google search.

Also, you must already have noticed that videos are a great public preference. Currently, this is the type of content that receives the most attention and engages visitors to websites and pages on social networks.

In each video posted, note the amount of people who watch, like, comment and share the material. Real discussions begin in the comments of a video, showing the great commitment that this means of communication is able to generate.

The benefits are clear, now you only have to set what type of content you will produce. Marketing research shows that the best options for those who want to sell online courses are:

  1. Sales Videos

This type of video is focused on telling the customer what he will gain by purchasing your course, inducing the person to act and make the purchase. The sales pitch should tell a story and ends with a call to action. For this reason, the content must to appeal to people’s emotions, namely fear and desire.

  1. Tips and Teasers

Video that cause the audience curiosity are an excellent strategy to sell online courses. You can create this type of content giving small samples and tips on subjects related to your course. A mathematics teacher, for example, can create a video in which solves a complicated problem, or proposes a charade to be deciphered. In addition to promoting your course, this helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  1. News and Releases

Another method to show your interest and turn reference in your field of expertise. Record videos commenting on some release or recent news about something related to the subject that your online course addresses. Give your opinion, do an analysis, encouraging debate. In addition to stimulate interest, this helps you to create a connection with the public.

  1. Making of

To sell online courses you do not need to keep necessarily a serious stance and focused on content. Another effective way of creating a connection with your audience and create an interesting media is to record some footage from the making of. Although this may not be appropriate for everyone, add a bit of humor to your promotional material is an experience quite valid.

  1. Testimonial Videos

Shooting someone speaking about your online course is always a good idea. In addition to giving his opinion about the content, your guest can talk a little bit about it, its method of teaching and advantages. Just be careful in choosing the person who will give their testimony, because if it is not a good speaker, the material can become tedious.

Make videos used to be something expensive, since it was necessary to hire professionals to produce it. However, with the advancement of technology this task has become easier and more accessible and if you need some tips, check out our posts about how to record videos at home.

Material ready, upload on your YouTube channel and publish the link on your site. Using the you can upload your content directly to your page within our platform.

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