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To do list to create online courses

How to start to create online courses leaves many people confused, therefore, nothing better than to follow a to-do list to gain more confidence.

Simple guide to create online courses

Not everyone has the same needs when they are just getting started to create online courses.

Some people know exactly what will be the topic of their course, others not yet, but already have an interested audience.

Therefore, the sequence of actions of a to-do list may not work the same for everyone.

You have to identify where you are in the process and go to the part that is most valuable to you.

Win each step, on your own rhythm, and before you know it your course will be ready.

Course Idea

idea online courses

You have millions of ideas but can not decide which one to pursuit?

Try to find one that meets the following three factors:

  • Your knowledge
  • Your passion
  • A profitable niche

The first two points are quite obvious, since you need to master the subject that you will teach and enjoy talking about it, after all you can spend years doing this.

The third point refers to profitability of your business.

Find a specific niche can help you get more revenue than address a very broad topic.

– 10 Best Niches for Online Courses

Idea Validation

create online courses

Once you have an idea for your course, it is important for you assess market demand before you invest any time or money to create it.

The good news is that the internet has made it extremely easy to validate your business idea before you start to create online.

– Check three ways to validate your course idea

Simple methods to find out if there is a demand for your course are:

  • Make a survey through your social networks;
  • Join forums related to the topic of your course and see if people comment on the subject (pay attention to what they are talking about);
  • Post related content on your blog and pay attention to which posts attract the most visitors;
  • Conduct interviews with people who fit your target audience profile to learn more about their challenges and desires.

When you finish this step you will know if it is worth continuing with your idea or you need to find another niche

Course Creation

course creation

Until a few years ago, creating quality online courses required expensive equipment and professional help.

Currently, you can make your course with tools you already own and free software available on the internet.

Start by outlining your course content to get a complete curriculum for your course, organized into sections and lectures.

Our most successful courses include video lessons, so you should consider using this feature.

–  Learn how to record videos at home

To create online courses that are attractive to the students, more differentiated resources you employ better.

Vary your classes using slides, videos, tutorials, quizzes and everything else you find interesting.

5 simple tips to create online courses

Have you already cleared up your ideas a little? If you still don’t know exactly how to start, don’t worry, we’ve prepared 5 more practical tips for you.

1. Use what you already have

If you are going to teach about something, it’s a sign that the subject interests you a lot, so you probably already have enough material about it.

Time to dig through drawers and folders on your computer. From material from other courses, to printed content such as books, magazines, articles written by you or third parties, videos, among others, everything can be used to help format the content of your course.

But don’t forget, all reused content must be adapted to the digital environment and the context of your course. 

Think about language, design and other relevant points for building a didactic material. 

2. Opt for tools available online

Thanks to technology you no longer need expensive or complex tools to create online courses. There are several simple and free software on the internet to help you develop a course.

Those who are just starting out and want to test possibilities, can choose the classic PowerPoint to create presentations, or record simple tutorial videos using the camera and the resources of the computer itself.

Record video tutorials: tips for getting the best result

There are also excellent exclusive tools to create online courses at an affordable cost, such as Adobe Captivate and iSpring. Search, test, find the best option for you.

3. Take advantage of ready templates

Another wonder of the internet for those who want to create online courses: beautiful ready-made templates. 

You don’t need to be a designer or hire one to give your course a nice professional look.

Most of the tools already have ready-made templates, with layout, color palette and other elements related to creation. Everything already pre-established for you to insert your content.

Of course, investing in a personalized design is always a good option. But if there is no money in the beginning, don’t worry, the templates are easy to update and a hosting platform like provides resources for you to customize your page as you prefer.

Design and Video Editing Tips

4. Create support materials

Support materials tend to attract students and take a lot less work to produce than you think. 

They are a good option to create more interactive and attractive online courses.

Storytelling is a great strategy to engage your students and offer a differentiator for your course. Through a simple narration that can be recorded by yourself, the content is explained through a story.

In addition, you can also create infographics using simple and fun tools like Canva, create a forum for discussion and even suggest links to research sources and other materials related to the topic of your course. 

5. Use screenshot to make tutorials

If all you have to start is a computer, great, you started well! Videos are a big favorite of online learning and it is possible to create one easily using screen capture programs.

Meet the best free screen recorders

Want to teach your students how to do something? Nothing better than recording a video tutorial in which you show the process step by step.

With tools like Screenr and CamStudio, you can record everything that is happening on your screen, making learning easier and enriching your online course.

Following these five basic tips you have everything you need to create online courses.

Why hosting your online course at

elearning platform

Course ready, you will need an E-learning platform to host it and make it available to your audience.

E-Learning platform: what is it?

An online teaching platform is software like, configured to host your material and act as a virtual classroom for your students.

Complete platform for hosting online courses (LMS), has all the necessary resources for you to integrate and import content from channels like Vimeo, YouTube and Dropbox.

Whats is a Learning Management System

It is very simple to upload your material to the platform and, through it, you can also chat with your students, manage enrollments, receive payments, make disclosure through social networks and more.

Visit, try it out and take advantage of all the features of our platform to create and sell quality online courses.