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What is an e-Learning platform 

E-Learning, distance education, online learning, are some of the names given to this form of teaching that is gaining more and more space and followers.

The advantages that online classes offer, such as flexibility of time, location and learning time, meet the needs generated by the lifestyle of most people, in which there is less time to get to a classroom and fulfill fixed schedules.

This reality puts in focus a tool called Learning Management System (LMS), an eLearning platform used for distance education.

What is an e-Learning platform 

What is a Learning Management System 

A LMS is a software which provides all the tools for creating and selling online courses.

Step by Step to Create Online Courses

Equipped with features that allow you to interact with students, enrollment management, workload, payments, among others, it aims to serve online learning.

In addition to course management, more complete eLearning platforms, such as, allow users to create courses by customizing their web page as they wish. 

The instructor has the possibility to create his own visual identity within the platform, using the logo, cover, images and texts of his choice.

Thus, it is as if you have your own website to sell your courses, without having to worry about the development of its technology, features and maintenance.

Most online educational platforms were initially developed to access content related to the administration of schools and universities. 

Over time they began to be used by academic institutions to provide support material to students in order to complement the teaching given in the classroom.

Currently, in addition to schools and universities, distance learning platforms are widely used in companies, as a way of qualifying, training and updating their employees.

Benefits of Corporate Training for Companies

Through a wide range of resources, such as a virtual library, a chat forum between colleagues and teachers, assessments, virtual assistance, among others, the e-Learning platform facilitates and favors the training of students in a personalized and flexible way.

Resources of an e-Learning platform

Resources of an e-Learning platform

The advantage of an e-Learning platform for companies is basically the facility it offers, since it comes ready, that is, with all the technology and tools necessary for teaching, without having to do even its installation on company computers, since it works on the SaaS model.

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The same advantages apply to any person interested in selling courses of his own that are related to any discipline or diverse knowledge.

The main resources that an e-Learning platform has are:

  • Creation and management of courses;
  • Registration and management of students;
  • Integration with other platforms, such as Dropbox and YouTube;
  • Tools for working with videos;
  • Tools to distribute files and other support materials;
  • Payment management;
  • Tool for monitoring the student’s progress;
  • Tool for interactions with students.

Other than that, there is still the possibility of organizing the course material in modules, lessons or in whatever way you think is best to facilitate the use and learning.

A complete e-Learning platform, such as, offers the possibility to host and access materials developed in a variety of different formats, such as Office documents, videos and applications.

Among all the available features, we can highlight some that we consider of great value for the creation of online courses:

Personalization of the platform

Useful resource for both teachers and students, it allows the professional or a company to maintain their identity. 

This option facilitates their recognition and creates a link with students, stimulating the relationship as occurs in the case of a brand with the consumer.

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Student Area

Very useful to facilitate interaction, the Student Area provided by has a chat where teachers and students can communicate.

Thus, in addition to answering questions, this discussion space simulates a little bit of the experience of a classroom, enabling conversation and the development of a relationship between users. 

How the Student Area works

Financial management

Resource that allows you to manage payments, normally, the financial management solution is integrated into the banking system to facilitate the control of cash flow efficiently and safely.

An e-Learning platform must also be integrated with online payment platforms, such as PayPal, allowing collection and payment in the preferred currency of the course creator.

Personalized domain

Having a personalized domain is of great value for companies and professionals who want to have a completely customized e-Learning platform.

In many cases, this helps to give greater credibility and gives an image of professionalism to the business, as students believe they are accessing an exclusive company website.

Responsive system

Currently, it is essential that a website is perfectly accessible by any type of device, be it desktop or mobile.

It is not enough just to open the page on different devices, it must adapt to the different screen formats and navigation modes, delivering the best experience to the user, so that he does not give up taking the course due to the difficulty of use.

And these are just some of the resources that an e-Learning platform should offer to facilitate distance education. 

In addition, a platform in the SaaS model developed specifically for this purpose, has advantages such as being a low-cost tool, easy to use, with a friendly interface, the ability to integrate with other information systems and the possibility to be accessed from any device with internet access.

3 business models that use an e-Learning platform

3 business models that use an e-Learning platform

In the current market there are some business models that use e-Learning platforms and have already been successful, proving the effectiveness of this method to teach and train people.

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Universities have long benefited their students by making their classes available on video recorded or broadcast in real time.

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More and more institutions are offering higher education courses that are recognized and give the right to a diploma at the end.

Another advantage that e-Learning platforms such as offer for this type of business is the possibility to monitor the performance of all registered students, which is necessary for the courses to work and be validated.

Various top renowned educational institutions such as Harvard and Oxford offer online classes, which increases the interest and demand for this system of learning and enables anyone, regardless of social status or place of residence, have access to education of the highest quality.

Free Courses

Professionals specialized in diverse areas, such as oratory, mechanics, yoga, mathematics, photography, among others, who teach in classrooms, already choose to also make available their material for online access.

Unlike universities, these courses aim to offer additional professional training, as a way to increase the curriculum, for example.

Developed by professionals who decided to open a parallel business teaching what they know, these classes are usually aimed at people who already work and are looking for extra knowledge that they can learn in their spare time.

Online courses can be taught by anyone who is interested in sharing knowledge, without having to have previous experience as a teacher.

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Many individuals also look for these courses as a hobby, to learn about any subject of interest, without necessarily having to do with their professional life.

Corporate Training 

Corporate education is undoubtedly one of the businesses for which online education has proved most efficient. 

Corporate Education in Companies

The possibility of training and qualifying employees without needing to travel, abandon their duties or compromise their free time for what will be necessary to pay overtime, is the dream of any employer.

The first to address this teaching method were large companies with employees and branches spread across several cities and countries. 

Using online platforms, these companies provide training material through secure channels and controlled by access passwords.

In case of new information regarding the work and / or company rules, just update the material and send a notice for everyone to access. In this way, the employee can update himself at the time that is best for him, without necessarily having to leave his job. 

Another advantage is that the manager has control over everyone who accessed the online training and can even request that tests be answered.

Practical, efficient and low cost, online corporate training is the present and future of all companies that aim to offer qualified service, increase productivity and decrease costs with new hires.

Complete e-Learning platform, is the ideal solution for those who want to create, sell and promote courses on the internet.

Serving companies and professionals in more than 60 countries, the platform is a dynamic and customizable Learning Management System.

Whats is a Learning Management System

This means that you do not need to invest in building your own website. The is ready for you to enter your course and create a fully customized page for your business.

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