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8 Proven techniques to improve the customer experience 

Providing a great customer experience is one of the main differentials of any brand. 

Important retention factor, see some strategies to improve this aspect of your business.


Why is the customer experience important for companies?

Taking care of the customer’s entire experience with the brand, from the first contact to the post-sale, is essential to build customer loyalty.

According to Forbes, “the customer experience is today’s business reference”. It has never been more important to put your customers first.

Satisfied consumers become loyal customers that help increase revenue.

Studies have already shown that people who had better previous experience spent much more compared to those who had a negative one. In other words, having a satisfactory brand experience results in greater customer life value.

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At the same time, acquiring a new customer costs 7 times more than maintaining an existing one. Therefore, delivering superior experience becomes a valuable asset for any type of business.

8 techniques for improving the customer experience

The customer journey begins at the point where he interacts with your company for the first time, whether through a website, referral or advertisement. 

Here are eight techniques that you can implement to get the best results during this process and retain your audience.

1. Build an omnichannel strategy 

Building an omnichannel strategy (multi channel) is very important to gather crucial insights about your brand’s interactions with the customer and their behavior throughout the life cycle.

The strategy is based on offering customer service through several sales channels, in an equally cohesive and efficient manner. 

Having a continuous journey across all channels, both online and offline, is the key to providing a consistent customer experience.

This strategy allows consumers to connect with the brand through their favorite channels, being equally served by everyone. 

2. Train your customer service team

Your team is the customer’s first real contact with your brand and, you know, the first impression is what remains. 

As a company, you must have a defined standard that guides customer interaction in order to help your team maintain the level of excellence. 

Conducting regular training programs can help your sales, support and marketing team provide perfect assistance. This is a common practice in companies that strive to maintain a quality standard in the services provided.

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Your teams must have a broad understanding of your business and products, in order to perform their functions effectively.

 Conducting training helps your employees in the following ways:

  • Helps to understand customer needs more quickly, facilitating the best solutions to be offered.
  • It increases confidence when dealing with the public, responding promptly to their questions.
  • With a strong knowledge of the product, they are able to deal with complaints effectively.

Training your team with customer service etiquette, as well as encouraging patience and empathy, helps to promote your brand to future customers and build a strong relationship with current ones. 

3. Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most used features to provide an enhanced customer experience. 

The implementation of chatbots, for example, contributes to your omnichannel service strategy.

Chatbots can save up to 30% on customer support costs and speed up response time.  They are the best way to respond to requests in real time, which reduces user frustration.

Other chatbots advantages to improve the customer experience are:

  • Online 24 hours, chatbots can answer questions even when your support team is busy or unavailable. 
  • Bots can easily collect basic customer details, such as name, email, etc. for further analysis. 
  • They are scalable during the busiest hours and offer quality support without missing a single conversation.

However, you cannot leave everything to AI. If there is a complex consultation, there must be a transfer to the human agent for effective resolution

In this way, you improve the customer experience with the chatbot by managing frequently asked questions, and leaving your team dealing with more complicated issues.

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4. Create self-service options 

It is certainly vital to have a support team, but being responsive to your customers’ needs can only take you so far. The solution? Give them the means to become proactive.

People need to be able to find answers to their questions on their own. In fact, most customers expect a company’s website to include self-service options, such as support content, tutorial videos, FAQs, etc. 

Businesses can also invest in knowledge base platforms to create knowledge bases that will help customers access information and find solutions independently.

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Self-service solutions save your company’s time and help customers find the information they need more quickly. 

It also helps to educate the customer and provides the tools they need to solve other similar problems in the future. 

Intuitive self-service options strengthen the brand’s reputation, creating positive interactions with the customer. 

5. Request and listen to feedback 

If you are able to understand your customers’ perception of your brand, you can provide them with better quality service. 

Collecting, analyzing and implementing feedback should be the process for improving the customer experience.

With channels like live chat, social networks or chatbots, you can ask for customer feedback right after each conversation or encourage them to leave a review. This is great to help you understand the level of public satisfaction with your business. 

You can create and pin a QR code to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, for example, using a QR code generator. This allows users to quickly scan it and contact the team directly for feedback.

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Still in doubt about how to improve the customer experience by implementing feedback? Here are some answers:

  • With feedback and opinions, you guarantee that the final product will meet customer expectations.
  • Your company shows that the opinions of its users are valuable, which makes them feel connected to your business. 
  • Hearing what they say about your product/service helps to sharpen your sales pitch and provides opportunities for conversions.

Testimonials and reviews are powerful ways to improve the customer experience. 

6. Optimize the customer journey

Considering the entire customer journey is very important to improve your experience. 

Research suggests that customer journeys are significantly more correlated to business results than touch points.

You must map the entire journey to clearly understand the end-to-end experiences that your customers go through. This will help you understand how the interactions at each touch point were, identify gaps and implement improvements.

Identifying problems with a focus on the customer journey allows support teams to plan strategies to reduce friction, improve business relationships and increase growth. 

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7. Appreciate who makes your business grow

One of the most important parts of building strong customer relationships is making them part of your community.

People feel valued when you include them in your team and give credit for your success. 

You can recognize this contribution to the company’s growth in the following ways:

  • Reward your loyal customers: give them a reason to recommend you to friends, offering discounts or gifts to who indicates your business to a potential lead.
  • Offer exclusivity: you can provide early access to a newly launched product or exclusive offers.
  • Offer discounts to customers who spend a lot: cut price to customers when they reach a specific spending goal.

A good loyalty program is another excellent way to please your customer and generate recurring income for your business.  

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In order to improve the customer experience and increase ROI, companies have expanded their loyalty rewards to incorporate social and behavioral actions, such as referral rewards and points for user-generated content.

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8. Always analyze 

Every successful entrepreneur knows the power of analysis tools and their ability to improve sales.

Providing a great customer experience is difficult and linking it to tangible business results is even more so.

To quantify the customer experience, you first need to create a unique view of them, as they interact with your brand across all channels and over time.

To achieve this unified vision and provide personalized consumer experiences, making use of customer analysis is essential for behavior-oriented engagement.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and big data, companies can easily collect customer analyzes and, from them, determine detailed behavioral, demographic and customer experience metrics in real time.

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It is clear that striving for the customer experience offers great opportunities that directly affect the performance of your business. 

With the right strategy in place, you make your organization customer-centric and reap long-term benefits. Thus, your online course can become a stable and recurring source of income in a short time.

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